Welcome to the Victorian Chemists Golf Club

The inaugural meeting to form the Victorian Chemists Golf Club was held at the Victorian Pharmacy College in 1946. The purpose of the club was to promote the fellowship of pharmacists enjoying a game of golf and other athletic sports and pastimes.

Competitions usually occur on a monthly basis and the club enjoys the use of the premier golf courses in Melbourne and surrounds.

There is also an annual challenge between the qualifying members of the eastern states; this is played as a 5 round golf tournament (known as "the Carnival") over one week in a rotating host state or even off-shore.

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Founders' Trophy 2018

Harry Jones and Peter Crump  - 2018 Founders' Trophy winners

Pictured: Harry Jones and Peter Crump
- winners of the 2018 Founders' Trophy at National (Ocean) on 6th Feb 2018


VCGC Fixture 2018